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When my son was injured, everyone at 1Law fought for him, helped him find a great doctor, paid his bills, and even put some money in his pocket. They will always be my first call!
Georgina C.
Auto Accident
When my son was injured, everyone at 1Law fought for him, paid his bills, and even put some money in his pocket.
Bike Accident
Frequently Asked questions

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How long does it take to settle an accident case?
In most instances, your case will be ready to settle once you’ve completed medical treatment. It may take additional time to gather the appropriate records and collect information from you regarding lost wages and other claims.
What is a full and final settlement?
Settling an injury claim is an important decision. You must remember that once you settle, the insurance company is going to ask for a full and final settlement, which means you cannot go back to request additional compensation.
What is my case worth?
Your case value will be determined by your out-of-pocket expenses (both past and future) as well as compensation for pain and suffering or other impacts to your wellbeing. Severity of injury and amount of treatment often determine the “pain and suffering” damages. Factors used to evaluate a personal injury case include: 1) injury suffered as a result of someone else’s actions; 2) damages, which are expenses, impacts on your life, or disability relating to the injury; and 3) liability and causation, or proving that a person other than yourself caused the accident and is responsible to compensate for your injuries.
What is the difference between special damages and general damages?
Most cases involve two categories of damages: special damages and general damages. Special damages are made up of things like lost wages and other out-of-pocket expenses related to the accident. Pain and suffering are part of general damages, which generally reflect the severity of the injury, the amount of time receiving treatment, impact, and individual situation. A third class of damages, known as punitive damages, can be awarded in cases involving egregious conduct. This is very rare and only applied in the most heinous situations.
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